Exhibition Statistics for CCE2017

The largest exhibition of Composite Materials in China and Asia, “CCE2017”, closed its doors on Sept. 8, 2017 with a big success as expected. According to professional organization statistics, CCE2017 made a new record with 42697 attendance and a 2-digit attendance growth (12.9%).

Exhibitor Statistics 

  • CCE2017 has attracted 533 exhibitors from 21 different countries and regions.
  • 106 international exhibitors and 427 Chinese exhibitors.
  • Exhibition area is up to 42000 sqm.
  • 6042 attendees are from 533 exhibitors, 2.4% up than last year.
  • More than 85% of the exhibitors of CCE2017 have re-booked a stand for CCE2018 in Shanghai.

Business Visitor Statistics

  • Total 15013 professional visitors, which is 14.3% more than last year, attended CCE2017 from 54 countries and regions. 99% of them stated that they would like to receive information about CCE2018 and to revisit CCE next year.
  • 1075 international visitors attended CCE2017, 25.0% less than last year. 13938 Chinese visited CCE2017, 19.1% growth compared with last year.

Conferences and Innovation Awards Program

  • The High Forum focused on “Innovative Application of Carbon Fiber and Advanced Composite Materials” was held, and 5 speeches were given by industry experts.
  • 35 technical seminars were held in the same period of CCE2017.
  • 5 companies hosted news release on site.
  • 2 technical training courses focused on “Theory of liquid composite molding process and method for controlling manufacturing quality” and “LRI process”.
  • Within 3 categories of Raw Materials, Application, Process Technology & Equipment, 42 products from 38 companies competed for the “CCE-JEC Innovation Awards”, and 10 winners emerged at last.

Automotive Composites Day

  • Automotive Composite Conferences: 7 presentations, which were given by 8 speakers from European and US carmakers, tier 1 Suppliers, raw Materials & equipment suppliers, universities and institutes, were focused on the current mainstream and development trend of the automotive composite technology.
  • Automotive Innovation Pole: 22 Automotive Composite Parts from European and US carmakers and Tier 1 Suppliers were showcased.
  • Automotive Innovations Internet Platform (I3P): More than 100 automotive composite parts, which missed the chance to show on-site, have been put on the internet Platform “I3P”.

News originated from chinacompositesexpo.com

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