World Intelligent Manufacturing Summit 2018

In this golden autumn, Nanjing, which is committed to building an innovative city, sends an invitation letter of 2018 World Intelligent Manufacturing Summit from Beijing to the world. On September 10, the first press conference of the 2018 World Intelligent Manufacturing Summit was held in Beijing, and world intelligent manufacturing comes to Nanjing again.

The 2018 World Intelligent Manufacturing Summit will be held as scheduled from October 11 to 13 at the Nanjing International Expo Center. With the theme of "Empowering the Future through Intelligent Manufacturing", this summit will create an international communication and cooperation platform integrating industry events, advanced exhibitions, summit forums and intelligent experiences. It is expected that the key guests will exceed 200. The forum will have over 10,000 visitors and about 200 exhibiting companies, bringing together a new vision of intelligent manufacturing to lead a new future of the industry.

Technological innovation comes from the world, and exciting events take root here. As the capital city of JiangsuNanjing has the historic Qinhuai River, and also embodies the wisdom and vitality of innovative technology. Nanjing, with its deep roots in manufacturing, has the confidence and strength to be the host of the World Intelligent Manufacturing Summit. It will provide a better solution for the re-development of intelligent manufacturing with a summit of international exchanges.

The intelligent "Eye in the Sky" can find criminals in the huge crowd; air-conditioner, television, sweeping robots have the smarter "brain", bringing convenience and fun to lives; 3D printing offers the "customization", as long as a drawing is uploaded, it can be "printed". "Intelligence" has already penetrated into our lives. To build an intelligent factory, the traditional production line can also renew its vitality. The development of intelligent manufacturing technology is surging, and Nanjing traditional manufacturing enterprises have seized opportunities through transformation and upgrading, delivered "intelligent" power to Nanjing's high quality development.

The accelerated development of industrial Internet innovation has aroused the "chemical reaction" of "Internet + manufacturing". At present, there are 38 industrial Internet platforms in Nanjing that have external service capabilities. The number of platforms accounts for about half of the total number of Jiangsu. Steel, intelligent power grid, electronic information, rail transit, green energy-saving manufacturing, etc., showcases the amazing advantages of Nanjing'sadvanced manufacturing industry, characteristic traditional industries, software and Internet industries. They use the innovation of the Internet to add momentum to Nanjing's development and add well-being to people's lives.

Faced with the greater demand for social development and the direction of building an innovative city, intelligent manufacturing enterprises have more firm confidence to accelerate intelligent upgrades, and strive to become a leading enterprise with more mature innovation models and vigorous development, leading Nanjing to the world. "Intelligent" manufacturing is the general trend. The success of the World Intelligent Manufacturing Summit will definitely make the city and the world smarter. Nanjing, the ancient capital of the Six Dynasties, welcomes visitors to paint a clearer and brighter future together.

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