Sewage treatment, gas, drinking water purification seeking digital control integrated system solutions

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  • Tianjin Tiankong Technology Co., Ltd. The company's main product is state detection, which analyzes the state of the equipment based on the vibration curve of the rotating equipment. Our company has many years of experience in automation system integration, construction of automation platform, Internet of Things interconnection, data information collection and analysis, smart factory, cloud back office and so on. The company's business covers municipal engineering, sewage treatment plants, water plants, water conservancy and hydropower projects, metallurgy, chemicals, tunnels, gas and so on. we need:Digital control integrated system for sewage treatment, gas, drinking water purification, heating, etc., in this regard, it is hoped to strengthen cooperation with foreign companies.
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  • Seeking sensors that can be used in high temperature furnaces
  • Contact: Wang Jianxin
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